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Post by rodark on Thu Oct 01, 2009 8:53 pm

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For quite some time we have been wonder about the release date of version RTM (Release To developed) Windows 7 Software is probably between August and October this year, but until now had no in sequence from Redmond or their “partners “to confirm this (in fact, the official calendar of Microsoft, the Windows 7 launch still scheduled to appear early 2010). It is consequently very appealing information from the guys who deliver Windows 7 Center say that, according to reliable sources, Microsoft would have sent a message saying that some manufacturer will have their hands in the final version of Windows 7 to September this year.

This would mean that the Microsoft OS is released to the general community in early November (two months later). Microsoft also seems to have intention of launching RTM Windows 7 ahead of schedule (July-August), but some developers and manufacturer were unhappy with some recent builds. The complaints were not too grave (aimed at small bugs that remain unanswered), but still have preferred to wait a couple of months with this offer a higher quality final product.

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